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To buy online you just need to be attentive not more, attentive for the specification of product that you plan to buy online and the general market prices

If you think to buy a product but you did not decide yet, in this case you should to save your time to monitor the price of that product you want to buy online, this will save you money, I have noticed a constant change in prices, I’m not sure about the reason but I’m sure it is effect by several factors such as the season, supply, demand, and availability.

Regardless to that factors, we must to use this effect to buy our goods at the suitable time, right now there is some items on online store at the lowest price and others in the highest price.

The question is.. How to know what items are in the lowest price?

Do you know the average price of a professional camera? a microwave? a coffe maker?

If you already know the answers.. so you will know the lowest price of some product when you see it, and how to confirm that, you check the prices on other online shops, if you don’t know the prices of products above then you have to monitor the prices when you already shopping or browsing online store.

Here in Yazzem we monitor the prices and we catch the lowest price products, the value of lowest price is based on the quality of the product.

a once I bought a camera very good camera in 150$, after few months exactly in the sale season at the end of year I found it in 399$ it is the same camera I have bought in 150$.

In the sale season the prices of some products are falling against rises of other products price, the rise does not occur suddenly, while the discount occurs suddenly, the discount is less than the rises, that does not mean there is now real discount, but the sellers has their tricks.

Steps you must to follow before you buy online

Some dealers are trying to trick you, they uses misleading image and title, and they show this product as a deal, when you read DEAL you will expect low price and you will not focus on the specification, you must read the specification and dimensions of every product you buy, don’t focus on the image, it is much better to check youtube for video of product you try to buy,

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